Specialty Oils

Specialty Oils

As an established Grease Exporter in India, Rizol Petro is offering wide array of Specialty Oils for better performance of vehicles with advanced features. Stable oxidation properties, unique fluidity level and high reflux boiling point of these lubricants improve high temperature enduring capacity of engines. Processing standard of such lubricating solutions conforms to SAE-J-1703, SI 8654-2001 and FMVSS-116 DOT-4 norms. Kinematic viscosity of these oils at -40 degree C is maximum 1600. ERBP and maximum ph of these oils are 240 degree C and 9.7 respectively. As a reliable Engine Oil Supplier, we also offer radiator coolant under this category. This coolant is totally free from borates, silicates phosphates and amines. This lubricating solution can endure hard water.These Specialty Oils are suitable for stationary and versatile motors. Provided oils remain bubble free during summer and show excellent anti-freezing properties in winter. These are especially suitable for lubricating gaskets and hoses that are usually made from non-metallic materials. Boiling point of these oils is 172 degree C and their density at 20 degree C is 1.152. Standard of these lubricating solutions has been verified on the basis of their resistant attributes, viscosity, ph range, ERBP point, storage life and boiling point.

Brake Fluid Dot- 4

It is first-class quality fully synthetic hydraulic brake fluid specially designed to withstand severe heat and moisture conditions.

Rizol Cool

This is first-class quality synthetic radiator coolant formulated from environment friendly components. It is free from amines, borates, silicates and phosphates

Rizol Hydro Aw

Rizol Hydro AW oils are anti-wear hydraulic and circulation oils specially formulated for efficient lubrication of a wide variety of industrial equipment.