Automotive Grease

Automotive Grease

As a leading Grease Manufacturers, we offer quality approved Automotive Greases for better performance of private, passenger and commercial vehicles across in India. Gel based form of these lubricating substances has transparent appearance. These have 40,000 kms to 70,000 kms drain interval and excellent wear as well as erosion protection capacity. Besides extending bearing and hardware life, these greases are appreciated for their unique bonding characteristics. As a well known Grease Exporter in India, we assure regarding the conformity of NLGI 2.5/3 standard as well as IS 10647.83 norms of our lubricating products.Provided Automotive Greases helps make vehicles fuel efficient, improves their load and shock enduring performance and provide protection against high temperature. This range of greases has praiseworthy warm strength and it enables vehicles to maintain consistent performance under the harsh working conditions. Moreover, these are corrosion and water wash out protected. Application of these lubricating solutions improves surface gripping performance of cars. Extreme pressure additive based properties of these greases improve load withstanding capacity of vehicles. Remarkable auxiliary strength and good shearing properties of these lubrication solutions extend service life of vehicles. What is more, these lubricating items enhance low temperature resistant capacity of wheel bearings of automobiles.

Rizol Gel Professional

Recommended for use in Automotive Wheel bearing on all types of passenger, commercial Vehicles off highway & Machinery equipments.

Rizol Ap - 3 Prima

RIZOL AP – 3 PRIMA Grease is recommended to use in wheel bearings in automobile industries.

Rizol Marathon-Long Run

Recommended for use in automotive wheel bearings on all types of trucks, cars, farmequipments.

Rizol Wb 50000

RIZOL WB 50000 is a sodium based grease, developed from refined base stocks and advanced chemical additives to ensure high shear stability, anti–rust and anti–oxidant properties.