Gear And Transmission Oil

Gear And Transmission Oil

As an organization of repute, Rizol Petro has emerged as Engine Oil Supplier in national business domain. Gear And Transmission Oils offered by it are reckoned for their excellent pressure resistant properties and good anti corrosion attributes. Offered array of lubricating oils is effective in enhancing pressure properties of hypoid and bevel gears of heavy duty commercial vehicles. These have been specially formulated for public transportation vehicles. Offered lubricants have 25 to 27 kinematic viscosity level at 100 degree C. Maximum pour point and minimum flash point of these oils are -9 degree C and 180 degree C respectively. Unique EP characteristics of these lubricating solutions ensure about their better wear resistant capacity. What is more, these lubricants improve gear shifting performance at low temperature. Standard oxidation solidness of these lubricants enables vehicles to function under high temperature condition.Being one of the leading Grease Manufacturers in the country, we assure that our products comply with MIL-L-2105 and IS 1118:1992 specifications. Gear And Transmission Oils provided by us prolong service life of bearings and gears, improve clutch performance, enhances transmission efficiency and minimize sludge deposition. Excellent EP characteristics of these oils guarantees about their better wear protection performance and extends oil drain interim.

Gear Star Sae 90

RIZOL Gear Star SAE – 90 oils are extreme pressure automotive gear lubricants. These oils are blended from selected base stocks and include specific additive.

Gear Star Sae 140

It is better-quality multi purpose excessive pressure gear oil. This oil is designed for use in gear boxes requiring extreme pressure properties.

Gear Star Sae 80w 90

This oil is blended from preferred base stocks and contain special additives to provide extreme pressure.

Transmission Fluids

Rizol Transmission Fluid A is formulated to meet the General Motor’s automatic transmission fluid Type A Suffix A specification.

Gear Star Sea 85w 140

RIZOL Gear Star 85W-140 oil is a heavy duty multigraded special purpose gear lubricant. This oil is blended from selected base stocks.