Industrial Oils

Industrial Oils

This range of Industrial Oils offered by RIZOL, the renowned Engine Oil Supplier, is reckoned for its excellent pressure attributes. Unique surface adherence capacity and ability to endure different working temperature are some of the key features of these oils. These lubricating solutions are composed of index mineral oils, chlorinated EP elements, soluble refined base oils and other additives. These oils are chemically inert and are translucent in appearance. Provided lubes are required for improving machining properties of yellow metals and ferrous metals. These industrial grade lubricants are suitable for improving performance of rotational blowers, screw cutting and programmed equipment.As one of the leading Grease Manufacturers in the market, we assure about warm solidness and good anti -wear performance of our lubricants. Standard of these oils conforms to US Steel 127, DIN, IS and Vickers 1-286-S and other international norms. Advanced formulation of these Industrial Oils generates a protective layer of film on metallic surfaces to safeguard against rust for around more than a year. Rust resistant oils offered under this category can be applied by brush or swab or simply by spraying. Good oxidation resistant properties, unique thermal attributes, good anti-foam characteristics and high load enduring performance are some key features of this range of oils.

Cutting Oil

These are a range of highly superior transparent, inactive cutting oils with extreme pressure properties.

Compressor Oil

These are finest grade extra heavy duty anti-wear oils with wonderful thermal stability and high FZG rating.

Industrial Gear Oil

These are best quality EP gear oils blended from high viscosity index, solvent refined high quality base oils.

Other Specialities Oil

Rizol Powerade deals in number of speciality oils like: Rizo way, Rizo Spin, Rizo Ultra, Rizo Trans.

Rust Preventive Oil

These are the blends of rust preventive material in a solvent for ease of application.
Rizol TCPF 54 provides soft and thin film over the metal surface

Hydraulic Oil

Rizol Hydraulic Oils are first-class grade oils blended from Hydro processed group 2 plus base oil .They are fortified with ashless additives and possess high FZG rating.

Heat Transfer Oil

Rizol Powerade Heat Transfer Oil grades are designed to fulfill all the necessity of Heat Transfer Fluids in all types of thermopacks