Automotive Engine Oil

Automotive Engine Oil

As a distinguished Engine Oil Supplier, Rizol Petro is offering wide range of lubricants for better performance of automobiles. Alkali based Automotive Engine Oils offered by this organization safeguards diesel motor against wear. These lubricants are suitable for stationery DG sets and off highway supplies. These lubricating oils enable vehicles to operate under different temperature conditions, improve their cold starting function, quickens warm up session of motor and prolong battery life. Minimum viscosity index of these oils is 110, maximum pour point is -21 degree C and minimum flash point is 206 degree C.

As one of the top Grease Manufacturers in the market,we assure our customers that our products are in sync with MACK T7, IS, API CD/CF, MP 228.1 and other international standards. Automotive Engine Oils offered by usare effective in improving fuel efficiency of vehicles, in resisting accumulation and also in enhancing cold starting characteristics of automobiles. These engine oils maintain stable performance of vehicles irrespective of weather conditions. Advanced formulation of these engine lubricants provide complete protection against high temperature, oil degradation and corrosion as well. Several versions of these lubes can integrate well with catalytic converter and are compatible with gasoline fueled engine.


Rizol Powerade API CF 20W-40 is high performance diesel engine oil, which provides brilliant protection against corrosive wear in all types of diesel engines.

Titanium Plus/Elite API CI-4

Rizol Titanium Plus/Elite API CI – 4 specially developed for new generation heavy duty super & turbocharged diesel engine driven HCVs.

Titanium Plus/Turbo API CH-4

RIZOL TITANIUM PLUS/TURBO API CH-4, 15W -40, is API certified, premium commercial multipurpose diesel engine oil.


Rizol Eco Green API SJ/CF, 20W – 50 oils are long life, high performance fuel economy engine oil for CNG vehicles.

RIZOL RX-100 20W 50

Rizol Rx 100 20W 50 oils are first-class long life, high performance fuel economy engine oil for new generation Petrol vehicles.

Titanium Plus API CF-4

Rizol Powerade PMG Titanium Plus API CF – 4, 15W-40 is a first-class quality, commercial multi-use diesel engine oil.