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We are leading manufacturer, supplier, trader, distributor, and exporter of the wide range of Rust Preventive Oil which is produced by using super grade raw materials and machineries by our experts. This oil is mainly used to protect components which are previously exposed to water containing machines and grinding coolants, cleaners or water rinses. Rust Preventive Oil acts as a free-flowing liquid consisting of film forming agents, rust inhibitors, water displacing additives and lubricant base stock. This oil is also typically used for the protection of metal parts and components stored indoor in humid conditions. This oil displaces all traces of moisture from the surface, when applied. Rust Preventive Oil is also applied to metals during a semi-finished or finished stage. This oil works by creating a protective coating around metal which prevents contact of the corrosive substance with the metal. This oilused in storage tanks to protect fluids stored in the tank because tanks that store water or fuel can rust and contaminate the fluids.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly compatible with lubricating oils.
  • Easily cleaned by solvent.
  • Durable in nature.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Very economical and easy to use.
  • Can be easily applied using brush, spray or swab.
  • Non-staining in nature.

OTHER VARIENTS: Rust Coat - 630, Rust Coat - 901, Rust Coat - 902


The offered RUST PREVENTIVE OIL is the mix of rust preventive materials in a dissolvable for simplicity of utilization. It gives delicate and slight film on the metal surface, hence, giving security of over a year for indoor storage materials. This builds up a medium film and gives a sensitive-dry film prompting indoor material insurance for a period of a year and a half.

  • Non-recoloring and is effectively applicable by swab, brush or spray
  • It is water uprooted
  • Hinders the requirement for uniquely drying components to be secured
  • TCPF 54 – IS 1154: 1957
  • TCPF 60 – IS 1674: 1960
  • TCPF 62 – IS 1153: 1975
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