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Rizol Petro Products is a well known Grease Exporter in India. It offers varieties of Industrial Greases that are laboratory tested. These lubricants have been formulated from calcium, lithium, sodium, calcium sulfonate, aluminum complex, polyurea and clay. Multipurpose greases available under this category are suitable for wheel bearings and chassis for better performance of public vehicles. As one of the prestigious Grease Manufacturers in the market, we assure about superior quality of our products. Provided greases have excellent high temperature enduring capacity, stable chemical attributes and water resistance ability. These can safeguard vehicle hardware against rust, wear and extreme pressure. Inclusion of required additives in their formulation improves their characteristics. Content of these lubricants conforms to NLGI GC-LB norms. Calcium sulfonate based version of these Industrial Greases has unique shear stability and good mechanical attributes.

Due to their long shelf life and standard dropping point, these lubricants are suitable for high temperature condition. Silicon based version of these lubricating substances contains inert fillers for better fluidity and higher water resistant attributes. These greases are composed of polydimethylsiloxane and silica. Aluminum based variant of these lubricating substances have around 500 degree F dropping point and stable shear properties. These are perfect for avoiding rust and oxidation.

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