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As a renowned Grease Manufacturers,we offer specially processed Automotive Oils. These lubes are widely used in stationery DG sets and Off highway supplies. Extreme pressure additive (EP) based content of our gear oil provides excellent protection against wear. Stable oxidation properties of our lubricating oil enable vehicles to function under high temperature condition and improve their rust enduring capacity. Being one of the leading Engine Oil Suppliers in the market, we offer diesel based engine oil that ensures better protection of automobile motor against wear. Besides promoting faster starting of motor, this range of lubrication extends battery life, improves fuel efficiency and raises thermal attributes of vehicles. Flash point and pour point of our engine oil are minimum 200 degree C and maximum -21 degree C respectively.

Automotive Oils offered by us havehigh reflux boiling point. Moreover, their fluidity level remains unaffected under low temperature condition. Being a well known Grease Exporter in India, we offer premium grade lubricating oils that have good detergency level to prevent all sorts of accumulation on metallic surfaces. These lubricating substances are environment friendly and are effective in improving performance of automobiles. Standard of these lubricating solutions conforms to MACK T7, API CD/CF, US Military MIL-L-2104C and IS specifications.

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