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As renowned Engine Oil Supplier, Rizol Petro is engaged in offering lubricants for motor of tractors of different models. Apart from automobile motors, these oils are also recommended for hydraulic framework, clutches and wet brakes. Provided lubricants have excellent oxidation resistant attributes, good anti-wear and anti-weld characteristics. Provided Agricultural Oils ensure better performance of tractor motor irrespective of weather conditions, make motor fuel efficient and prolong their service life. Most importantly, these lubricating solutions are compatible with different types of agricultural equipment. These prevent rust formation on metallic surface and enable agricultural systems to work under severe climactic conditions.

Being well known Grease Exporter in India, this organization ensures that its product line of this category conforms toE-DL2of IS:13656-2002andUS Military MIL-L-45 199Bspecifications. Kinematic viscosity of these lubricants at 100 degree C ranges between 14.5 to 16.3.Minimum viscosity index of these lubricating solutions is 110 and minimum flash point is 200 degree C. Agricultural Oils provided by Rizol Petro are perfect for rapid, medium and moderate stationary diesel powered motors. Although these lubricants have 10W30 thickness (which is similar to the thickness of hydraulic oil), yet these cannot be used as engine oils. Good anti foaming properties, standard antioxidant level and required anti-wear characteristics are the key features of these lubricants.

Rizol Tip Top

Rizol Tip Top API CC/SC 20W40 is Multigrade Universal Tractor Oil specifically formulated to meet all the lubrication requirements of tractors.

Rizol Big Boss

Rizol Multi Grade Big Boss oils are suggested for slow, medium and high speed stationary diesel engines equipped on agricultural pump.

Rizo One(Utto)

Rizol One(Utto) Oil is carefully elaborated formula makes it appropriate for use in gearboxes.