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Serving the Indian known Brands, Rizol Petro Product Pvt.. Ltd., is a Grease & Oil producing company. Since its conception, has been on an escalator of success with many wise minds and expert hands behind it. Synonymous with perfection, Rizol Petro Products is committed to manufacture best grease in India along with a strong foothold in lubricating oils and speciality products With its product development approach, state of the art manufacturing capability and a highly committed workforce, the organization provides best-in-class petroleum products.

Rizol Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. performance in India has earned it the trust from all regions of India and has established it as a preferable private grease manufacturer brand in India. Appreciating the trust and preference of its customers, the company aspires to further become the largest private lubricants & synthetic Greases manufacturer in India.

Leading the future of grease industries, Rizol Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. has also developed many new kinds of revolutionary greases. As one of the best grease makers in India, Rizol Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. is managed by highly qualified technical personnel having more experience in Oil & Grease industry. Marking the gigantic stature of Rizol Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. is its base oil storage capacity of 1000 KL .

Serving the India known Brands, Rizol Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. is a Grease & Oil Maker company.

  • With a production capacity of more than 15000 MT per annum, the company marks its presence amongst the top lubricant companies.
  • Rizol Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. Is integrated management systems co i.e. ISO :9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 OHSAS:18001:2007
  • Rizol Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. serve the globe with its finest products & A Export House.
  • Rizol Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. has given the world an innovative product ‘Long Life Lithium Greases’ which is well received globally including countries like Europe, India and US.


With a strong vision to be the leading petro products company on a global level, Rizol Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. continuously innovates new technologies that inspire its communities to create an enhanced future. Marching strong with ‘New Technologies’ & ‘Creative Solutions’, Rizol Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. has been promoting new values for its core networks- Industry, Partners, and Employees. Through these incredible proposals, Rizol Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. expects to enrich the world of petorlium industry.


Believing in this quote, Rizol Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. mission is to constantly walk on the path of advancement with best quality and commitment to deliver nothing but the best to its customers and associates.

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